Join our slack

If you’re interested in game development, you are welcome and encouraged to join our Slack community! Talk to other game developers, ask questions, collaborate, and more.

Just send us your e-mail address below and we’ll invite you right in!

Hang on, what is Slack?

Slack is a free chat group program available for web, phones and desktop. New to Slack? Familiarize yourself with the system.

Slack communities break into channels, each focusing on different subjects of discussion. We currently offer several public channels, here are a few of our most active ones.

  • #General: This is our general chat, to cover what ever topic on game development.
  • #Unity: If you ever need help with Unity, this is the place to ask for help.
  • #Demo: Here we post our Work in Progress updates if we’ve got something to show. Great place for a feedback.
  • #Art: A great place if you’re looking for feedback on your art, or just to show off your latest graphical achievements.
  • #Indie-Share: The news and happenings of the indie world, and ensuing discussions.
  • #opportunities: Keep an eye out on this one if you’re looking for a job opportunity within the game industry in Iceland.

All right, I’m in. Now what?

Great! Now you can interact with the community. A good first move is to introduce yourself on the #introductions channel.

You can also browse the available channels and join the channels you find interesting. We recommend these channels:

Slack also allows us to Direct Message each other. Got a friend already in the community? Want to collaborate on something with someone else? Engage with the community!

Have questions for the admin team? Ask away! You can find us in there as @alexandrabjarg, @haukur, @joisigurdss & @torfi.

We look forward to meeting you!