About us

Game Makers Iceland was founded in June 2016 by Alexandra Bjargardóttir, Haukur Steinn Logason, Jóhannes Sigurðsson and Torfi Ásgeirsson. Originally, Game Makers operated as a stand-alone group within the Icelandic Game Industry, before being formally founded in January 2018.

A typical meetup at Bryggjan

The group is incredibly passionate about growing an inclusive, diverse and vibrant grassroots games scene in Iceland. During its tenure Game Makers Iceland has hosted over 50 events including lectures, game jams, workshops and laid back networking events. For the past two years GMI has also taken part in organizing and sponsoring Isle of Games.

Women in Games event we co-organized
A scene from one of our Game Jams of 2018

Between events, the game makers of Iceland have found a great online home in the groups official slack channel. There you can find 380 people actively talk art, coding, game engines, the industry, music, animations and beyond.

Meet the team!


Growth marketing specialist. I spent a few years working for EVE Online before pursuing new adventures in software. The games industry is still close to my heart, and I am always up for grabbing a coffee and chatting about games marketing! I make weird, dreamy walking simulators on the side.


Head of Marketing and Growth at Solid Clouds, the makers of Starborne. Co-creator of Box Island and a board member of the Icelandic Game Industry.


Independent game developer. Long time quality assurance, now a UI/UX designer and a producer. I make quirky tourist games as a hobby. Main trades are game art, game design, user experience and graphical design. Ask me anything on Slack or Twitter!


One-half of indie game studio Tasty Rook and co-organizer of art and games festival Isle of Games. I’ve been involved in the Icelandic games scene since 2011. I love game jams and meeting other game makers!