Welcome to the Community

If you’re interested in making games and you always wondered if there were others like you, you’ve found us!

Game Makers Iceland is the grassroots game development community in Iceland. We host monthly meet-ups, game jams and other networking events, along with maintaining an active online discussions on our official slack channel.

We’re an open and inclusive community, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!



We host monthly meetups, which each have a unique theme: mingle or networking events, micro-talks, fireside chats, panels, game jams, and more. Meet other members of the community, learn something new, participate in a game jam, or check out games made by other community members.


We maintain a slack channel where you find a bunch of like-minded people actively talk about art, coding, game engines, game dev news, the industry and beyond.


We’re also on Facebook, where you can find our group sharing news and opportunities alike, as well as our official Facebook page for latest updates on events.


When our next event is published on Facebook, it will appear here.
Everyone is welcome to attend our events, you do not have to be in the games industry to join.

See you there!


We are dedicated to building an open and inclusive community. We do our best to ensure that our events and digital spaces are safe for everybody.

Realizing this vision requires active participation from community members. We ask everyone to read and follow our community guidelines.


GMI was founded by a small group of people with diverse backgrounds that share the same passion about growing an inclusive, diverse and vibrant grassroots games scene in Iceland. The current custodians of this mission are two of the founding members, Alexandra and Haukur.



Want to know more about us? Check out our about page.

Get in touch

If you have questions, or just really want to talk to us, please feel free to drop us an e-mail, or message us on Facebook or Slack.